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Useless Weapons 1 - Handgun

Useless Weapons Series

// piece No 1

„S&W vs. Give peace a chance – John Lennon“

The 3D coordinates of a Smith&Wesson pistol was compiled with the data from the song „Give peace a chance“, by John Lennon.


Give Peace A Chance (1969), John Lennon - Official Video

The glitched 3D object is still recognizable as a pistol however it could not perform its purpose of being built. The trigger mechanism is destroyed and it becomes pretty difficult to grab it with one hand. It is save to say that all mechanical parts have lost their function resulting in a non lethal pistol.



Useless Weapons 1 - Handgun Sculpture

Without its original power and deadliness, this pistol turns into a synonym of the power which unarmed our critical community-

An error in a system (coordination grid) leads to the cleansing of other errors in another system (social)


 The partial coloration was added afterwards. The typical color scheme of a 2D glitch was overtaken by a 3D model. This color brings the attention of the viewer to the non existent trigger.

Useless Weapons 1 - Handgun Sculpture 3
Useless Weapons 1 - Exhibiton Kunsthalle
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