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Today, we face more and more violence.
Terror, wars, attacks, mass shootings, children soldiers, heists,

street fights, civil wars, assassinations.

The weapon is the symbol of authentic systems.

The weapon is the icon of our time.
The weapon is omnipresent.
The weapon is the mark of our world.

But what if the world wakes up one day,
to find all its weapons malfunctioning,

disarmed by some unknown force
so that it can‘t perform its original purpose. 




Useless Weapons

by Alexandra Ehrlich Speiser

Useless Weapons 1 - Handgun

// piece No 1

„S&W vs. Give peace a chance“ 

Useless Weapons 2 - Granade

// piece No 2

„Grenade WWII vs. Mondnacht - Eichendorff“ 

Useless Weapons 3 - AK 47

// piece No 3

„AK47 vs. Soldiers poem - MUSE“ 

Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-11 um

// piece No 4
„Glock17 vs. My Nigga“ 

Useless Weapons

Useless Weapons

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